Baby Weight

At full term, the avarage baby will be about 20 inches (51 cm) long and will weigh approximately 6 to 9 pounds (2700 to 4000 grams).

baby 2 see - During a normal pregnancy your baby will grow and develop at about the same rate as any other pregnancy. When you visit your Doctor, midwife or other health care provider for antenatal care they will check you over, your weight, heart rate.

They may also measure your abdomen on the outside to check your baby's size and rate of growth. This measurement is taken from the upper edge of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus and is called the fundal height.

If there is an unexplained discrepancy between size and dates, your care provider could arrange an ultrasound to determine the cause. But try not to be concerned. The most likely explanation is that everything is quite normal and that there is no need to worry.

If the size is greater than dates, it may indicate twins, a large baby, or even mis-measuring. Doctors are more concerned when the fundal height is too small rather than too large, as this could indicate that the baby is not growing properly.

This can be confirmed with a series of ultrasounds that monitor how quickly the fetus is growing. In some cases, fetal growth can be improved by treating any condition in the mother (such as high blood pressure) that may be a contributing factor.

At any ultrasound scans you may have, measurments of baby will be taken and compared to Fetus Growth Charts. These measurments are used to see that your baby's growth rate is normal and you have the correct estimated Due Date.

You may be told, or see on your antenatal records, your baby is Large for gestational age (LGA) or Small for gestational age (SGA).

But what does this mean?

  • Large for gestational age (LGA): Weight is above the 90th percentile [ LGA Line Blue line ] at gestational age
  • Macrosomia: Weight is above a defined limit at any gestational age
  • Appropriate for gestational age: Avarage birth weight
  • Small for gestational age (SGA): Weight is below the 10th percentile [ SGA Line Green line ] at gestational age
  • Low birth weight (LBW): Weight is below a defined limit at any gestational age

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